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“Santa’s Mystery” is an epic modern-day tale of one girl’s journey to discover an amazing mystery that will change the face of Christmas forever. 


~ Edward Burlett and Will Scoville

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Jackie's adventure continues when she discovers her Grandmother's second diary and the Christmas mystery contained on its pages.  

Can Jackie keep the secret from her best friends Clarissa, Li, Maria, and brother Johnny until next Christmas?  Only time will tell.

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The creator of Santa's Mystery, Author Edward Burlett appeared on the local San Antonio CBS affiliate KENS5, with Sunday Morning Anchor Sharon Ko. 


During this exclusive interview, Edward

and Sharon discuss the book and the

positive message contained on it's pages,

as well as the impact Santa's Mystery will

have on future Christmases to come. 

Santa's Mystery bridges the gap of racial

divide in a fun, wholesome story that will

touch the hearts of all who read it.

                                 Interview Date:  December 23, 2018

Meet the Authors of Santa's Mystery!

Edward Burlett


Author and Co-Creator of Santa's Mystery.  Edward Burlett began creating at a early age.  His love of the Christmas holiday and children has led to this first book in a series of twelve (Santa's Mystery Book Series).

Will Scoville


Author and Co-Creator of Santa's Mystery.  Will Scoville is the proud father of four children who entered the entertainment industry in 2006.  He has enjoyed working on several film and tv projects.  Will teamed up with his good  friend Edward to co-write and produce beautiful graphics for Santa's Mystery. 

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